Vietnam and South Korea have established diplomatic relations since 1992 and currently have a rapidly developing relationship in all fields, especially culture and economic trade. Heads of state and senior leaders of the two countries, both the government, the private sector as well as the citizens and young people of both countries have great faith and expectation in this relationship, affirming the relationship of the two countries will continue developing more and rising to new vision.

In the continuous developing progress, it is necessary for prestigious, enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable company to consult and connect small and medium sized enterprises of the two countries, helping businesses firms get useful, practical, accurate information that contributes to the more standard and successful investment.

VINAKA of Trade Promotion Center – Investment and Product Introduction was established to meet the requirements and expectations of business firms, investors of Vietnam – Korea.

VINAKA is a Trade Promotion Center, headquartered in the center of Jung-gu, Seoul, where important Korean administrative agencies such as the Blue House, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Vietnam, the US Embassy in Korea, and Seoul City Hall are located. It means that this is the center and heart of Seoul, so it is the most convenient to move to administrative offices and provinces. 

VINAKA is lead by a team of professional young leaders and employees, dedicated to their work, having a certain influence, and extremely active in accordance with the current Industry renovation 4.0.

VINAKA works with the slogan “Your success is our success” We are always looking forward to the support of cooperation from you, businesses from Korea and Vietnam.

Sincerely thank you and wish you, your businesses successful and always more successful when cooperating with VINAKA.


Services provided by Vinaka

  1. Investment consulting
  2. Trade promotion
  3. Import and export
  4. Display of high quality Vietnamese – Korean products
  5. Tourism
  6. IT



VINAKA was established in order to become a multinational enterprise providing the best services to customers. “Your success is our success”


Operation Purpose

  • Making and giving brand of Vietnam products to abroad, bringing good advances and products of foreign countries to contribute to development in Vietnam.
  • We work to create a better future every day.
  • We help people feel good, enjoy life with brands and good services for themselves and for others.
  • We develop new product lines to satisfy customers with different demands.



  • Become the strategic partner who is chose and the most reliable customer due to the ability to provide various products and services based on customer-focused.
  • Create for employees the best working environment with many opportunities to develop their capacity, contribute values and create successful careers.
  • Give partners attractive and long-term benefits. 


Development strategy

  • The company focuses on intellect and strength to push back difficulties, seize opportunities, renew awareness, reorganize, maximize capital utilization, boldly invest in equipment, people and applications, use advanced technology into production and business; build the Company into a fully thriving business.
  • Develop product diversification, develop new products.
  • Develop strategies for advertising, brand development, trade promotion.
  • Implementing good quality policies for customers to maintain and develop the brand and market share. Promote all resources, promote foreign activities, joint ventures and partnerships with foreign partners to access the wider international market.


Human resources

  • Work actively and creatively, leaded by sensitive and leadership guidance team, flexibility, prestige and professional in the market.
  • Having professional qualifications, determination to develop careers, a sense of responsibility and a high sense of discipline.
  • Personnel are professionally trained to gain extensive knowledge about the company’s products. Constantly creating opportunities, renew yourself and experience new challenges, thereby accumulating experience, catching up with the trends of the times.
  • For customers, guide with professional and friendly manners.
  • The company always tries hard to become a good land to welcome the courageous and enthusiastic people to accompany with the company on the upcoming development path.