Vinaka Vietnam goods trading center in Seoul - VINAKA Promotion Center
Vinaka Vietnam goods trading center in Seoul
Thursday December 12th, 2019 1768

Vinaka Vietnam goods trading center in Seoul

TTO – News from the Vietnam Association of Overseas Entrepreneurs (BAOOV), said that on December 7, the Center for Investment and Displaying High Quality Vietnamese Goods in Korea (Vinaka) has just been opened in Seoul, South Korea.

Vietnamese goods is lauching in Seoul, South Korea
The launching ceremony was attended by representatives of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Vietnam Entrepreneurs Association abroad and a large number of businesses operating in many fields of Korea and Vietnam.
With the sponsorship of VCCI, when in operation, Vinaka Center will be an effective and effective connecting bridge of Vietnamese goods, especially agricultural products to conquer the Korean market. As a result, Vietnamese goods is not only increased trade opportunities but also launch platforms to promote Vietnamese brands to the Korean market.
According to Mr. Dinh Van Cuong – Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Business Association in Korea (VIBAK), a new center called Vinaka was also formed with the purpose of being a place where the Vietnamese-Korean business community and other countries come to share and exchange business information, build business networks, thereby limit risks, shorten time to explore the market, find partners …
Currently the center has nearly 20 items of Vietnam participating in the exhibition, starting to conquer the Korean market.
Park Won Sun, the current mayor of Seoul, said that there have been more than 10,000 Korean enterprises invest in Vietnam and having many economic activities to promote the good development between the two countries. There are over 30 flights to Danang driving Korean passengers everyday.
The addition, opening trading center in Korea helps trade relations between the two countries develop more convenient as well as Vietnamese goods increased here.